The knowledge of what photography is, seems at first sight useless and too theoretical. I myself thought so. But still I think that some theory is needed, since it gives a base and an understanding of the fundamental fundamental principles, without which, well, just nowhere. I will try to put everything as briefly as possible on the case, but how can I judge you ...
So, the very word "photo", as Wikipedia tells us, is translated from Greek as "light", that is, drawing with light. We see objects with you due to the fact that the light falling on them is reflected and then fixed by the retina of our eyes. All this we once passed in the school course of optical physics, but who remembers this now, really? :)
A similar situation occurs in the camera and the reflected light is fixed to the photosensitive material, for example, on a film or a digital camera matrix. In a nutshell, I'll tell you about the process of getting a photo, because this information will be useful for a complete understanding of the algorithm of the camera. Well, this in turn will allow us to get more serious into the whole process of photographing.
And I'll start with the very origins of photography, because the ancestors of modern cameras were very simple devices and in fact the same principles are used to this day in the most modern and sophisticated cameras.
So, it all began with a camera obscura. Oscur - this is not a person, as you might think from the name :) The obscura camera is a Latin word, which translates as "a dark room". The first cameras really were dark rooms or large boxes with a small hole in one wall. The rays of light, passing through this hole, created an image on the opposite wall.
When I was at the photography museum in Riga, I got into a real camera obscura in live. It was a small dark room in which a small hole was made in one wall and an inverted image of the buildings on the opposite side of the street was projected onto the opposite wall.
The image in the camera obscura is usually not very sharp, but sufficient to recognize the contours and shape of objects. This feature of reflected light was noticed a long time ago, even in some century BC. But they say that it was Leonardo da Vinci who was the first to use a pinhole camera to create sketches. He simply took and copied the reflected image, circling it in pencil.
Well, in the eighteenth century, chemists discovered that some substances under the influence of light change their properties and color. That's how in the early nineteenth century, using photosensitive chemistry, it was possible to make the first image fixed on a copper plate, that is, a photograph. A photosensitive emulsion was applied to the copper plate and a fixed image was obtained with a pinhole camera.
In fact, the principle of photography has not changed since. The hole in the wall became the prototype of the lens, and on the opposite wall, on which the image was projected, subsequently placed a photosensitive element capable of "remembering" the image. First it was a plate with a light-sensitive emulsion applied, then a film, and now a matrix of digital cameras.
So, let's summarize the above.
The camera fixes the real reflection of objects on the photosensitive layer and, in fact, differs little from the obscura camera, or rather it is simply an improved camera obscura. A little later we will consider the device of the camera and this information will be useful to us.

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